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Sweetwater Cranberry Compote - 12 x 9oz

Sweetwater Cranberry Compote - 12 x 9oz by Farm2Me

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RedCamper's Sweetwater Cranberry Compote is a special combination of North American native cranberries, maple syrup (sweet water), juniper berries and dried herbs basil & thyme, pays homage to the rich history of the indigenous peoples who originally inhabited what is now known as North America, and the 500 year long history of immigrants coming from around the world, to these shores, to find a better place. We are launching this product with a portion of sales to be donated to an Indigenous supporting fund. RedCamper humbly presents the Sweetwater Cranberry Compote that is both tart and sweet with earthy tones and a whole lot of consciousness.This very special compote isn't just for holiday dinners, it's delicious year round on sandwiches and as a side garnish and condiment. Processing Time:
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