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The Variety Pack: All Four Teas

The Variety Pack: All Four Teas by Farm2Me

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Us Two Tea The Variety Pack: All Four Teas: Why choose when you can have it all (and save while you're at it)? With this bundle of all four tea types, you'll be ready to sip for every mood, schedule, and time of day. If you're new to Taiwanese tea, this is the perfect choice to compare all four tea types, and you'll have enough to share with friends and family!

What’s included in Us Two Tea The Variety Pack: All Four Teas:
All four teas(12 sachets/bag):
Oolong tea
Baozhong tea
Jasmine tea
Black tea

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Why it's special:

Homesick: Taiwanese Oolong tea sachets packed with premium whole leaves grown on high-altitude, pesticide-free tea farms. Thanks to the consistent mist and clean air, our tea has a refreshing, woodsy flavor. Loaded with polyphenols, oolong is a metabolism-boosting tea.

Family Tradition: Taiwanese Baozhong tea sachets filled with naturally wrapped and dried premium whole leaves. With low catechin levels and high L-theanine levels, the fresh melon aroma and woodsy yet creamy flavor of our tea make it a great palate cleanser after meals.

Pillowtalk: Taiwanese Jasmine tea sachets filled with a unique blend of jasmine flowers and whole-leaf green tea. Widely known as a natural relaxant and used in aromatherapy, this tea has a sweet, floral aroma that can relieve stress and help you sleep better.

Manhattan Black: Taiwanese Black tea sachets containing naturally sweet and caffeinated premium whole leaves. Unique to Taiwan, our ruby black tea variety has a signature dark red color and honey aroma. Reach for this tea to stay focused and energized with a healthy amount of caffeine.

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