Triple B12, 60 Servings


Triple B12

  • 1,500 mcg of B12 in three forms for optimal benefits and absorption.*
  • Supports energy levels, mood, nervous system, and cognitive function.*
  • Supports plant-based and vegetarian diets. *
  • Each batch is third-party tested and developed through our transparent production process.
  • Sustainable glass bottle and eco-packaging for a reduced environmental impact.
  • Every order provides a plant-based meal to a child in need.

Why three is better than one?

Triple B12 utilizes three forms of the vitamin to enhance your body's ability to absorb B12 and act as an insurance policy against any potential absorption issues.

It's well documented that plant-based eaters benefit from supplementing with vitamin B12.* But research shows that nearly everyone, even meat eaters, may benefit from B12 supplementation as well. Depending on our health, lifestyle, and age, your rate of vitamin B12 absorption may decrease, or your body's ability to absorb a certain form may worsen.

For your mind and mood

Did you know that vitamin B12 plays a role in brain chemicals linked to stress reduction and mood improvement?

That's right a simple vitamin can help boost your happiness.* Vitamin B12 helps synthesize and metabolize serotonin, a chemical linked to mood.

Nature's energy shot

It's no coincidence that many "energy" drinks are loaded with B vitamins like B12.

Along with helping form red blood cells that carry oxygen throughout the body, vitamin B12 converts fat and protein into energy.

Whole body benefits:

  • SUPPORTS COGNITIVE PERFORMANCE: Vitamin B12 deficiency has been linked to cognitive decline and disorders.
  • ENHANCES METABOLISM FUNCTION: Vitamin B12 is critical in fat metabolism; low levels may relate to increased fat accumulation.
  • AIDS NERVOUS SYSTEM REGULATION: Vitamin B12 supports a healthy nervous system and cellular energetic processes.
  • BOOSTS MOOD: Vitamin B12 is involved in producing brain chemicals influencing mood and healthy brain function.
  • SUPPORTS ENERGY LEVELS: Vitamin B12, known as nature's energy shot, aids in forming red blood cells that distribute oxygen throughout the body.
  • SUPPORTS PLANT-BASED DIETS: Research indicates most plant-based eaters should supplement with B12 to maintain optimal levels.

Fully transparent production

Triple B12 goes through a rigorous inspection process that includes third-party testing.

We want you to be certain that you are getting the highest quality nutrients, free from pollutants, heavy metals, and harmful pathogens not to mention common allergens and artificial sweeteners, colors, and flavors. That's why every batch undergoes a rigorous series of tests to confirm that it contains all that it should - and nothing that it shouldn't.

And we mean rigorous! We do as many as 19 different tests to ensure potency and safety. All this is done in pharmaceutical-grade facilities that are FDA Registered, and operate under cGMP standards.

Third-party tested

This means that every ingredient and dosage on the back of the bottle is verified by an independent lab. And just as important, the ingredients are tested for things like pesticides, E Coli, heavy metals, and salmonella.


We verify that all active ingredients on the label are present in the right amounts. But we're not satisfied with just meeting those - to ensure potency over time does not diminish, we aim for 10-20% over what the label states.

Heavy Metals

We take soil and water pollution seriously, especially since we design our products to help your body fight against it. Therefore, each batch gets tested for Arsenic, Cadmium, Lead, and Mercury.


Our products are doubly protected by being produced in a certified facility, and tested for yeast and mold, and possible badl presence, such as Salmonella, E.coli, and other coliforms.