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Unscented Dish Bar Essentials Set - Plastic Free

Unscented Dish Bar Essentials Set - Plastic Free

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Enhance Your Cleaning Routine with Just Bee's 100% Natural Plastic-Free Dish Bar Essentials Set
Expertly crafted for a compromise-free, high-performing cleaning all in a guilt-free eco-friendly way. Our innovative dish soap bar provides a plastic-free, highly effective cleaning solution for those items that either need a quick clean, a bit more attention, or that last dish that didn’t make it into the dishwasher.
Key Features:
Custom Ceramic Tray with Bar-Securing Pegs - firmly secures the dish bar for efficient sudsing.
Ideal for Handwash-Only Items: Perfect for cleaning delicate items that require a gentler touch or are not dishwasher safe.
Plastic-Free Packaging: Align with eco-friendly values and reduce plastic waste with our completely plastic-free soap and packaging.
Multitask Cleaning Power: Beyond dishes, this versatile bar effortlessly cleans kitchen counters, spot-cleans laundry, and can be used for other cleaning tasks around the house.

This item only ships within the United States.

Brand: Just Bee Cosmetics

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