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Western U.S. Peppermint Essential Oil

Western U.S. Peppermint Essential Oil

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Nothing says fresh like Western U.S. Peppermint does. Its minty, cooling aroma holds stimulating benefits that can help enhance alertness and stamina. Whenever you’re feeling sluggish, reach for Peppermint for a midday boost of energy. Due to its menthol properties, it can induce a cooling sensation when applied to the skin. Since Western U.S. Peppermint contains a higher menthol content than other Peppermint oils, this can be extremely helpful during times of great discomfort. When experiencing head or neck tension, dilute Western U.S. Peppermint in a carrier oil for a soothing massage. When you’re feeling nauseous or need support for respiratory health, it can be helpful to take in its scent through a personal inhaler.

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Brand: Plant Therapy
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