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White Cypress Essential Oil Bulk

White Cypress Essential Oil Bulk

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Crisp and refreshing, the delightfully bright aroma of White Cypress Essential Oil is undoubtedly an Australian treasure. Growing native on the coastline, the Callitris columellaris is a coniferous tree in the Cupressaceae family and provides many of the same benefits as others in this family, like Cypress and Juniper. White Cypress can support a healthy respiratory system due to its high a-pinene content, making it great to reach for to help with seasonal discomfort. It is also uniquely high in limonene for a conifer oil, adding a distinct cheerful note to the overall scent profile. Try White Cypress in your diffuser to help ward off stale scents and create a fresh and clean environment. Topically, it may help support keeping skin healthy and balanced.

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Brand: Plant Therapy
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