Wild Foods

Wild Elements Pristine Earth Minerals, 16 fl. oz., Case of Six


Wild Elements Pristine Earth Minerals

Wild Elements are derived from Paleolithic deposits of humic shale called lignite, a bioactive form of humus, using a cold water extraction process. They are a pure, pristine, and completely bioavailable source of essential nutrition. A true gift of nature.

  • Silica for Hair, Bone, and Collagen Production: promote your body's potential by providing you with a critical trace element, silicon, which your body uses in joints, bones, hair, skin, and nails.
  • Chromium helps maintain blood sugar levels and provides sustainable energy and healthy body composition.
  • Manganese supports healthy energy levels, mitochondria function, brain health, and cognitive function.
  • Silver Cleanse the gut, boost the immune system, fight inflammation, and ease minor skin issues, to name just a few of the many benefits of natural silver for health.
  • Zinc is essential for maintaining immune health, and the proper amount of this metal is necessary for keeping your immune system in working order. Macrophages, a critical part of your innate immune system, are safeguarded by maintaining the right amount of zinc in your body.
  • Copper is integral to many bodily processes for health, from connective tissue strength to bone and cartilage structure to collagen production, skin elasticity, nails, iron absorption, and ATP production.
  • IRON IS NECESSARY! Your body requires iron to deliver oxygen, maintain cells, and sustain overall health. Iron plays an integral part in transporting oxygen through the body! Having sufficient iron allows you to obtain the oxygen you need to maintain good health.

Over 75 million years ago, humic shale was produced when prehistoric plant material decomposed and compacted. During the decomposition process, the plant material was pre-digested by microorganisms, producing a black, spongy layer of decayed organic material known as compost or humus. Humus is both a soil conditioner and a plant nutrient.