Wild Foods

Wild Grass-Fed Whey Protein


Whey Protein From Grass-Fed Cows

Tested, pure, effective

Every batch is tested for safety, and we test multiple times a year for the specific immune-boosting properties that make Wild Whey so Wild.

Biologically active

You won't find the same biologically active components prevalent in Wild Whey when looking at mass-produced whey proteins.

Only One ingredient

100% unflavored Whey Protein is made in the U.S. from raw, grass-fed cow's milk.

Tastes like Milk, not Chalk

We believe Wild Whey is the best-tasting whey protein powder we've ever had. You can smell and taste the difference when comparing it to typical whey proteins on the market.

Wild Whey is made from the dairy milk of Australian dairy cows that graze year-round on lush green organic pastures. Our cows are humanely treated and happy cows that are a blend of A2 and A1 (A2 whenever possible). Breeds are a mix of Holstein and fewer numbers of Guernsey.