Wild Foods

Wild Oxygen - Liquid Mineral Supplement, 2oz. - Case of Six


Wild Oxygen - Liquid Mineral Supplement

  • All-natural ingredients
  • pH balanced and non-toxic
  • Support cellular renewal, recovery, and performance
  • Easily absorbed into the bloodstream

Made via a proprietary process that fuses oxygen molecules with plant-derived minerals. Boost oxygen levels naturally for better recovery, performance, cellular repair, and overall health and well-being.

Why is oxygen so important?


The most efficient form of energy production, aerobic metabolism, is key to peak performance. A steady oxygen supply is required to convert sugar into muscle energy, the most efficient energy production.

Combat oxygen deficit

During strenuous exercise, the muscles require more O2 than the lungs can provide, forcing the body to rely on anaerobic metabolism. This process results in lactic acid buildup, which causes muscle soreness and fatigue.

Optimal performance

Increased oxygen in the bloodstream can improve aerobic metabolism, reduce lactic acid accumulation, and maximize performance by powering muscles.