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Wild Red Light Therapy Panels - 660nm to 850nm Red and Infrared Light

Wild Red Light Therapy Panels - 660nm to 850nm Red and Infrared Light by Wild Foods

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Optimizing health requires optimizing your environment, and light is one of the most overlooked aspects of human health. The sun fuels all life on Earth. And that power comes through as light waves.

Much of our chronic disease in the modern age is directly correlated to imbalances in environmental light. This is a combination of insufficient sunlight and the overabundance of artificial lights (led, blue light).

Until recently, we understood little about the effects of blue light, red light, and the light spectrum on setting and maintaining circadian rhythm. As research and our understanding have improved, we've seen a rise in blue light-blocking glasses, apps, and, recently, red-light devices.

The red light spectrum, 660nm to 850nm, is recognized for its beneficial effects on the human body. Blue lights and fake LEDs are a daily assault on the majority of us. Getting more red and NIR light into your eyes and skin can help balance out this overabundance of blue light, which helps prevent some circadian disruptions from the blue light imbalance.

  • FAR-REACHING SKIN BENEFITS: Red light therapy promotes skin collagen and carries out deep skin beauty maintenance. It may help eliminate wrinkles, shrink pores, promote the regeneration of collagen and elastin, and work against sagging skin.
  • NATURAL, SAFE, AND HARMLESS: The LED therapy panel can help pain management for the back, neck, bone, nerves, shoulders, and lower back and muscles. Infrared light is safe and will not negatively affect your skin.
  • RECOMMENDED WAVELENGTHS: This red light therapy lamp's infrared led light wavelength extends from 660nm to near-infrared 850nm. The 660nm-mix 850nm (half-by-half) wavelength is believed to be perfect for skin and tissue therapy.
  • EXCELLENT CONSTRUCTION and LIFESPAN: Our lights are cased in a high-quality, ruggedly built metal design and feature a 50,000-hour lifespan. (A600 is 100,000-hour)


  • 75w Handheld Pro: Power cord + bank, goggles, leather strap, hardshell case
  • XT 200w: Power cord and eye goggles
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