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Wildwood Chocolate sources the finest ingredients and always takes the time to craft their chocolates by hand. Their unique flavor combinations, luscious textures, and graceful balance are inspired by nature, creating an exceptional chocolate experience for your enjoyment. Based out of Portland, this small business is a fellow Good Food Awards Winners, and their chocolate bars are the height of luxury when broken into chunks and placed on a cheeseboard.

Berry Berry:

Even more striking than the beauty of this bar is the balance of its tart and natural sweetness brought forward by hand-placed strawberries and raspberries on top of rich 70% dark chocolate.

Marcona Almond:

Crunchy buttery Marcona Almonds with a dash of sea salt provides the perfect savory companion to rich 70% dark chocolate. This bar is savory sweet!

Fennel Pollen Caramel:

Subtly minty fennel shines through in a caramel layer covered in layers of 70% rich dark chocolate in this award winning chocolate bar.

Orange Confit and Cherries:

Refined sweet floral orange confit pairs in delicate balance with tart dried cherries making this duo a supreme match over rich 70% dark chocolate. Enjoy with your favorite fruity tea or wine. Good Food Award Winner!

Ginger & Pistachio:

Straight up sweet and spicy perfection. Crunchy roasted pistachio and spicy candied ginger adorn rich 70% dark chocolate creating a robust swirl of flavors on your palate.

The Nib Bar:

Cacao nibs with hints of fruit and caramel provide essential crunch on top of rich 70% dark chocolate. This bar is simply perfect chocolate on chocolate.

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