Xilli Salsa Taquera Case - 12 Jars x 10 oz by Farm2Me

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Brand: Farm2Me

Xilli Salsa Taquera Charred Tomatillos & Toasted Chipotles.

Tacos are the result of using tortillas as vehicles for almost any food. In Mexico, this salsa accompanies any variation. As its name implies, this indispensable salsa is the go-to in Mexican cuisine.

Canola Oil, Fire-Roasted Tomatillo, Blistered Chile Jalapeño, Charred White Onion, Fire-Roasted Garlic, Toasted Chile Chipotle Morita, XILLI Mystery Blend (Dry Chiles, Dry Herbs & Spices), Sea Salt.

Sufficiently Smoky Tiny Bit Tangy, Sixty % Spicy

Xilli Salsa Taquera Tasting Notes:
Dutifully Hot.

Dollop generously on any taco or any other favorite food, Mexican or not. This quintessential everyday "Taco Sauce" is meant for any of your most essential foods.

Vegan. Gluten-Free. All Natural / No Preservatives.

Certifications:  Vegan

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