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30 Day Caffeine Detox Kit, 8 servings of each, Dirty, Bold, Cacao and Original blend, Fair-trade coffees, Certified Organic, Non-GMO

30 Day Caffeine Detox Kit, 8 servings of each, Dirty, Bold, Cacao and Original blend, Fair-trade coffees, Certified Organic, Non-GMO

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Four Blends in Four Weeks; Welcome to Life Decaffeinated.

Move aside bean water, weve got the goods that work to replenish your vitality with sustainable, nourishing energy. Our detox kit provides just the right amount of each blend for you to regain energy sovereignty.

The 30-Day Detox Kit includes:

  • 8 servings each of our Dirty, Bold, Cacao and Original blends
  • Your very own 350 ml (thats 12ozs) French press for brewing up your Rasa
  • Support and encouragement from everyone here at Rasa

Week 1: Kick things off with Dirty

Our signature herbal blend pairs perfectly with fair-trade coffee (from women-owned farms!) so you can indulge in the flavor you crave without the crash. 1500 mg of adaptogens begin to balance your nervous system, while 35 mg of caffeine (about 1/4 of what a normal cup of coffee provides) helps perk you up. Dirty is balanced, and a little sweet, with an earthy note that gives traditional bean water a run for its money.

Week 2: Energize the natural way with Bold

Bold features rhodiola, eleuthero, schisandra, cordyceps, and gynostemma (to name a few) that complement one another in flavor and function. These herbs have been traditionally used for thousands of years for energy, focus, endurance and performance. These zingy herbs mingle with a touch of cacao to give you the espresso buzz you want from the adaptogenic ingredients your adrenals will love!

Week 3: Cacao has got you covered

The direct-trade cacao, rhodiola, and cinnamon in our fan-favorite Cacao blend combine for an indulgent, slightly caffeinated cuppa haute chocolate. While Cacao does contain caffeine, its only about 5 mg worth per serving compared to much more in an average cup of coffee. Its loaded with adaptogenic goodness, which means your bodys natural energy will fill in the gap between the caffeine it provides, and the amount youre used to having.

Week 4: Original: the go-to brew

Our signature blend features 3000 mg of adaptogens that support you with calm, nourishing energy without the need for caffeine. Rhodiola and eleuthero give you the herbal uplift you want while roasted date seed, chicory, and ceylon cinnamon provide the roasty, nutty, and slightly sweet flavor that makes for a perfect indulgence every time. Retain your morning ritual knowing Originals ingredients are working to utilize and sustain your natural energy throughout the day.

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