Café Rasa, Adaptogenic Coffee Alternative, 2000mg Adaptogens, 60mg Caffeine, Adaptogens, mushrooms + Fair Trade organic coffee


Now you can have your coffee, and drink your adaptogens & mushrooms, too.

A cup of I can do this, Cafe Rasa is our antidote to an overburdened, overly stressed, coffee-crazed world. 2000mg of adaptogens plus organic, Fair Trade Coffee support smooth, focused energy, a more resilient stress response, and more so you can be more you without the crashand its ready the moment you need it. Whether youre running out the door to go to work, sitting at the airport, boiling water over a fire while camping, or just have a quick moment in the morning with a busy schedule, Cafe Rasa is ready when you are for your instant fix of adaptogens + coffee.