Certified Recycled Microfiber Cleaning Cloths, 12 Pack, 3 Colors by The Everplush Company

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Brand: The Everplush Company

Our microfiber is known for being hardworking, highly absorbent and strong enough to tackle the toughest cleaning jobs. These microfiber cleaning cloths come in a pack of 12, with 4 white cloths, 4 orange cloths, and 4 blue cleaning cloths. We recommend designating the color for each environment you clean to avoid cross-contamination. 

Made from 80% Recycled Polyester from Plastic Bottles, certified by GRS (Global Recycled Standard)

Available as 12 x 12 in or 16 x 16 in

Colors we chose are home environments:

  • blue microfiber cloths: excellent for all purpose home cleaning
  • white microfiber cloths: ideal for spot cleaning, carpet cleaning and rugs
  • orange microfiber cloths: great as a microfiber car towel, shop towel, or just for use around the garage for odd jobs

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