Copper Tongue Scraper, 100% pure copper

Sage Wellness
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Once you scrape youll never go back! A natural self-care ritual that effectively removes bad, dead cells and toxins from the tongues surface. 

Crafted from 100% pure copper, this U-shaped tongue scraper uses ancient medicinal techniques to remove dead cells and bad from the tongue. A natural anti micro bial and antibadl material, copper effectively removes debris, bad, toxins and more from the inside of the mouth. 

Thats not all though. More than half of the bad in the mouth lives on the tongue, and 85% of bad breath is caused by this. Using a tongue scraper can help to freshen breath and remove toxins from the body. Even better, studies show that removing these toxins can have positive effects on your immune system, digestive health and improve your overall wellbeing. 

Keeping your tongue clean is just as important as brushing your teeth as its one of the bodys primary detoxification paths. Research also shows that tongue scraping can prevent oral diseases from occurring.

We recommend replacing your tongue scraper as often as you replace your toothbrush at least every 6 months for hygiene purposes.


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