Core Package includes Light Glasses, Headphones with a Built-in Microphone, and Software.

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We are inspired by the empathetic work being performed by today’s therapists and mental health practitioners. Passionate healers should be able to offer transformation and healing in a way that feels continuously creative and rewarding, and they should have access to authentically transformative tools to support their intuitive process.

About SoundSelf

Trust the Science

SoundSelf was founded on the pillars of psychological principles and science-based design. Over 15,000 users and two pilot studies showed it allowed patients to reach psychedelic states in as little as 15 minutes, while improving their overall psychological well-being.

This is the future of Psychedelic Therapeutics.

See the Research

Elevate Your Practice
Differentiate your practice by offering immersive experiences that enhance your services and improve patient outcomes

Instill Confidence
Research shows SoundSelf provides access to deep, transformative states of consciousness, increasing openness to experience, and psychological flexibility

Better Facilitate Healing
Provide increased happiness, wellness, peace, and overall better mental health to you, and your clients


SoundSelf Core System

The core SoundSelf package includes light glasses, headphones with a built-in microphone, and software. Everything you need to give your clients an unforgettable therapeutic journey.

• $750 one-time hardware purchase.
• Free shipping and handling.
• FREE clinical license.
• Upgrade to a haptic system at any time

Way to Offer the Gift of Healing

1. Software
That runs directly from your Mac or PC

2. Hardware
That elevates the immersive experience

3. Toning
That activates the power of your subconscious

Unlock Immediate Results from Transformative Meditative States.
As you breathe deeply and exhale in long vocal tones, SoundSelf responds with interactive light and music feedback to help you shift into a deep meditation.

Toning has played a powerful role in transformative practice for literally thousands of years, and we’re using modern technology to amplify that power.

Combining Ancient Toning Practices with State-of-the-Art Technology

The interactive technology uses biofeedback to weave light, vibration, and voice into an unforgettable therapeutic experience.


“SoundSelf is invaluable to my practice, as it helps my clients relieve any anxiety they have about dropping into deeper states of consciousness. After experiencing SoundSelf, my clients are so much more comfortable doing medicine work. They feel more confident to let go and surrender within themselves.”
- Alexandra Wilson licensed psychotherapist

“A lot of our patients actually have a hard time putting it into words. It's more the expressions on their faces, the sigh of relief afterward.

Ketamine has the benefit of neuroplasticity. Then you add SoundSelf, and it takes it to the next level. It helps our patients explore their own tools so that when they're not in the clinic, they are able to reduce their anxiety and get back into the state they were in during the session.

Digital Therapeutics allow us to have more touchpoints with our patients. With SoundSelf, we can bring the patient into the clinic on non-treatment days, spend that time with them, assess them, help them, and listen to them. I tell patients that ketamine is a tool in your toolkit, and so is SoundSelf.”

- Jessica Shepley, Psychiatric & Family Nurse Practitioner



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