Dandruff Shampoo, with 1% Zinc Pyrithione, Coconut Oil & Algae Extract, 9.5 Fl oz


Beautiful AND effective? You better believe it. Our award-winning dandruff shampoo gets to the root of flakes and irritation thanks to the clinically-proven and FDA-approved OTC active ingredient, Zinc Pyrithione. Safe for everyday use. PRO TIP: It's scientifically-formulated to work best with our Nourishing Conditioner in the Flake-Free Duo for that one-two punch of control and moisturization.

+BEST FOR: Mild to moderate dandruff, dry scalp, flakes & itch

+Targets flaking without stripping hair color

+Controls oil production and eliminates flakes

+Reduces hair breakage by 30%

+Lush natural fragrance of mint, vanilla, sage and lavender

+Protects & enhances color-treated and chemically-treated hair