Elo Health

Elo Health - Smart Recovery, 454g


Introducing Elo Smart Protein, the ultimate personalized protein product. It provides high-quality protein, powerful nutrient boosts like super greens and turmeric, and real-time dosing guidance for your workouts.

Personalized Recovery

  • Blended to your preferences, goals and activity
  • Added boosts like multivitamins and collagen
  • Activity-based dosing guidance
  • Dietitian chat for advice on demand


We go several layers deeper to get a better understanding of you. Unlike other products, Smart Recovery takes personalization further to deliver the best formula for you.

Your Data Meets Science

Backed by an analysis of thousands of clinical trials, Elo matches your data with the latest nutrition science to recommend precisely the right wellness boosters, protein and hydration for you.

Registered Dietitian Coaching

From navigating your formula plan to optimizing your daily health, our registered dietitians are here to support your health journey.

Proactively Evolving Formula

As you evolve, so does your formula: Smart Recovery anticipates your nutrition needs, using AI to produce the optimal mix of nutrients for you.

Each bag contains 454g of goodness. Please note that an iOS device is required for usage.