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No chalky magnesium balms here. Our luxurious Magnesium Tallow Balm Large Glide-on contains our grass-fed tallow to help it glide easily across your skin. We use a pure magnesium oil that is known to be effective in soothing and preventing muscle aches and pains, cramps, bruising, and charlie horses. This blend also infuses lemon balm into jojoba oil to naturally soothe restless legs. Made with lavender essential oil to promote relaxation and better sleep. Please note that we offer this product only in a glide-on version. However, the 2 ounces size is much larger than the .5 ounces in our other glide-on products. Do not apply this product to broken skin as the magnesium content may cause a burning sensation.

Tallow, the leaf-fat of cows, has been used traditionally for thousands of years in skincare, candles, leather conditioning and cooking. It is non-comedogenic, contains natural healing and restorative properties and, because it closely matches our own natural oils, is a preferred moisturizer for sensitive skin. Our tallow balm glide-ons are made to take on the go, offering incredible moisturizing in an easy application, protecting your skin and quickly healing and soothing the dry spots. They can be used on face and body; as with any new skincare product, please spot test for sensitivities to any of the ingredients. Any scent is derived from natural botanicals and essential oils, and is therefore light and pleasant, with no added fragrance. These glide-on balms are derived from 100% grass-fed, pasture-raised, humanely treated small local herds. All ingredients are sourced as organically and naturally as possible.

Size: 2 oz.

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