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Organic Liver Detox Drink | The Plug Drink

Organic Liver Detox Drink | The Plug Drink by The Plug Drink

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Brand: The Plug Drink

Are you feeling tired? Sluggish? Like your body is out of balance? Support your liver health with The Plug liver cleansing drink.

13 natural plants, fruits, and flowers combined with the purest form of bedrock water. No caffeine, no added sugar and is entirely natural.


🌱 13 herbs, plants and flowers (ALL NATURAL)
👨‍🔬  Backed with scientific clinicals



The liver helps us break down food into smaller particles that we can absorb. When liver health is impaired, so is digestion. This can lead to less nutrient absorption from food, and a whole range of consequent health issues.


Acne, rashes, dry skin and other skin issues are common symptoms of poor liver function.


When the liver isn’t functioning properly it affects its ability to send signals to the brain, which can result in sluggishness, fatigue, and brain fog.

Plants. Power. The Plug

 Thanks to a unique and powerful plant-based blend of The Plug, your liver can optimize its job of being your body's #1 filter.

Don't spend the rest of your life suffering with a bad, unhealthy liver. Support your liver health with The Plug today!

Pueraria Lobata Ohwi

Remarkable effect in protecting the body's metabolic disorder caused by alcohol, and high protective effect against liver damage.


 The powerful flower reduces inflammation, supports liver health, and boosts your immune system.


 DHM works as your liver’s sidekick to process the toxins out of the alcohol quickly and efficiently.

Honeysuckle Flower

Hepatoprotective effect and anti-inflammatory.

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