85 Ultimate Self-Care Day Ideas

85 Ultimate Self-Care Day Ideas

You may have seen “self-care day” ideas and hashtags on your social media feeds. The reality is that many of us practice self-care in bits and pieces throughout our days and weeks. But have you ever considered devoting an entire day to self-care?

There are incredible health benefits to having a self-care routine. Studies show that practicing self-care leads to reduced stress and increased self-confidence. So you can imagine the impact that a self-care day could have on your overall well-being.

What would you do if you had an entire day where your mental and physical health were the most important things? We’ve come up with the ultimate list of self-care day ideas so that you can supercharge your relaxation and prioritize your self-care.

Self-Care Activities for Your Next Self-Care Day

Here are 85 self-care activities for you to choose from when planning your next self-care day:

  1. Listen to your favorite music or create a calming playlist.
  2. Engage in yoga or stretching exercises.
  3. Visit an art gallery or museum to appreciate creativity.
  4. Take a power nap in total silence to recharge.
  5. Practice mindfulness and live in the present moment.
  6. Unplug from technology for an hour or more.
  7. Watch a funny movie or TV show.
  8. Cook or bake your favorite meal or treat.
  9. Drink a soothing cup of herbal tea.
  10. Spend time with a loved one or call a friend to catch up.
  11. Practice gratitude by listing things you're thankful for.
  12. Organize and declutter your living space.
  13. Pamper yourself with a facial or skincare routine.
  14. Try a new hobby or revisit an old one.
  15. Have a picnic in the park or garden.
  16. Enjoy a zero-proof beverage or mocktail outside.
  17. Dance to your favorite songs like nobody's watching.
  18. Engage in creative writing or poetry.
  19. Do a random act of kindness for someone else.
  20. Explore a nearby town or city as a tourist.
  21. Do a puzzle, crossword, or brain teaser.
  22. Participate in a group fitness class or exercise outdoors.
  23. Plant and tend to a small garden or indoor plants.
  24. Give yourself an at-home hair care spa or scalp treatment.
  25. Create a vision board to manifest your goals.
  26. Take a relaxing bath with aromatherapy body wash.
  27. Volunteer for a cause you're passionate about.
  28. Attend a local event or community gathering.
  29. Paint or draw to express yourself artistically.
  30. Take a day trip to a scenic location.
  31. Try a new supplement to help your mood, focus, or stress management.
  32. Have a technology-free day and focus on other activities.
  33. Watch the sunrise or sunset.
  34. Engage in DIY crafts or home projects.
  35. Try out a new recipe and cook a healthy meal.
  36. Do a digital detox for a weekend, particularly from social media accounts.
  37. Practice progressive muscle relaxation using an eye mask for total darkness.
  38. Attend a workshop or seminar on a topic you're interested in.
  39. Engage in mindful coloring.
  40. Go stargazing on a clear night.
  41. Write a letter to yourself or a future version of yourself.
  42. Take a long photography walk and capture beautiful moments.
  43. Visit a local farmer's market or flea market.
  44. Try out a new sport or physical activity.
  45. Watch motivational or inspirational videos.
  46. Attend a live performance, such as a play or concert.
  47. Reflect on your achievements and celebrate your progress.
  48. Make a list of your favorite quotes or affirmations.
  49. Create a self-care herbal immunity kit for cold and flu season.
  50. Engage in guided visualization exercises.
  51. Go for a leisurely walk in nature.
  52. Practice deep breathing exercises.
  53. Write in a journal to express your thoughts and feelings.
  54. Do a 15-minute guided meditation.
  55. Have a technology-free fancy meal and savor every bite.
  56. Explore a new genre of books or movies.
  57. Do a DIY spa day with facials, foot soaks, and massages.
  58. Visit a botanical garden or nature reserve.
  59. Read a book that interests you.
  60. Take a short nap in a hammock or under a tree.
  61. Go to your favorite boutique for a little retail therapy.
  62. Reflect on your strengths and personal growth.
  63. Create a playlist of calming sounds or nature sounds.
  64. Attend a comedy show or open mic night.
  65. Try sensory deprivation meditation (focusing on one sense at a time).
  66. Have a "self-date" and do something you love alone.
  67. Attend a local meetup group with shared interests.
  68. Take a scenic bike ride or hike.
  69. Watch inspiring TED Talks or motivational speeches.
  70. Practice mindfulness while eating a mindful meal.
  71. Experiment with art therapy or adult coloring books.
  72. Engage in a body scan meditation to relax.
  73. Take a mental health day for self-reflection and relaxation.
  74. Write a letter of forgiveness to yourself or others.
  75. Spend time doing oral hygiene and facial hygiene.
  76. Attend a laughter yoga class or watch funny videos.
  77. Enjoy your favorite comfort food for a meal or snack.
  78. Plan a day trip to the beach or lake.
  79. Participate in a virtual class or workshop on a new skill or hobby.
  80. Go to a quiet place to watch the clouds and daydream.
  81. Practice a hobby that requires focus and concentration.
  82. Have a picnic in your backyard or a local park.
  83. Visit a local library and discover new books.
  84. Attend a mindfulness or meditation retreat.
  85. Write positive affirmations and place them around your space.

What is a self-care day?

A self-care day is just like it sounds: an entire day dedicated to caring for yourself. Between a busy social life and work stress, it can be hard to put yourself first. Even when you try to lead a healthy lifestyle, there are still aspects of your emotional health that you don’t have time for.

So, sometimes, a self-care day is a great way to get your self-care plan back on track. Self-care has undisputed physical and mental health benefits. So carving out a day in your schedule for extra self-care than you get during your daily life is a wonderful idea.

Remember, self-care is about doing what feels suitable for you and taking the time to nurture your mind, body, and soul. Incorporating some of these activities into your self-care practice can help promote a healthier and more balanced lifestyle.

How to structure your self-care day?

Spending time to make a self-care list is step one. Blocking off a day separate from your regular practice to do self-care is step 2. Then, step 3 starts the day with your self-care day ideas.

We recommend beginning with positive self-talk before diving into your self-care day ideas. Start your self-care day with positive self-talk. Remind yourself that you are worthy of being at the top of your priority list. Remind yourself that you are important and you are strong. Remember that your inner child is loved, safe, and cared for today.

You can also use a breathing technique to inhale love and exhale gratitude. Inhale for a short 2-3 seconds, hold your breath for one second, then exhale for 4-6 seconds. Repeating for as long as you’d like. If you have a gratitude journal, start your self-care day with a 5-minute gratitude list and a moment of reflection.

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