Our Mission

Welcome to Love.com, a sanctuary for the friends of the earth. We stand as a beacon of hope and a testament to what can be achieved when we unite in our shared love for our planet. Love.com is far more than a marketplace—it's the heartbeat of a transformative movement. Championing premium, sustainable ingredients, empowering small enterprises, and forwarding meaningful contributions, Love.com dedicates 20% of net profit to the Love.com Foundation, an entity on the brink of securing its nonprofit status.

We dream of a world where every purchase is a commitment to sustainability; where living organically and embracing eco-consciousness extend beyond mere labels and become ingrained in our essence. Love.com stands at the forefront of this revolution, unwavering in our dedication to pristine ingredients, steadfast sustainability, uplifting small businesses, and nurturing our communities.

Shopping with Love.com transcends the ordinary—it's a powerful statement of unity, a stride towards a more verdant and thriving planet, a wave of transformative change. With 20% of our profits fueling impactful endeavors, every exchange infuses philanthropy into the very core of our mission.

Join us. Be part of this revolution. Together, let's transform our choices, our lives, and our world, one amazing product at a time. This is Love.com – where every choice is a step towards a sustainable future.


Our Standards

Love.com evaluates three core pillars when making a decision on whether or not to list a product on our marketplace. Conscious commerce is an evolution and we do not expect every product to be perfect in every pillar. That said, we hold high standards and expect each product to thrive in at least one, if not multiple, of the pillars below. In addition to the three listed below, there are many other factors we take into account which contribute to decision on whether or not a product meets the Love Standards. From company workplace practices to community impact, we take a holistic view on whether a product truly represents Love.

  • The Ingredients

    The first thing we look at when selecting products for Love.com are the ingredients. What is actually in the products? We avoid toxic chemicals to the maximum extent possible and prioritize natural and organic.

  • Sustainable Material

    Once we've vetted the ingredients, we then look to sustainability. How sustainable are the merchant's manufacturing practices and materials? What do they do to minimize harm and impact to nature?

  • Giving Back

    We Love brands who are on a mission to save the planet. If a brand has imbedded impact into their sales model, they get brownie points with us. We also prioritize smaller brands over larger and brands run by underrepresented minority owners.

Our Panel of Experts

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  • Kathrin Nikolussi

    Wellness Industry Advisor

    Kathrin Nikolussi is a 2x Olympian who has spent the last 15 years building personalized wellness companies. She’s held executive positions with some of the pioneers in the testing & supplement space, including WellnessFX and Thorne Health Tech where she was their Chief Business Officer for six years. She also shares a deep concern for the drastic worldwide decline in fertility and the contributing environmental toxins and chemicals in our food chain. Her mission is to transform our wellness space by helping consumers cut through the noise to find relevant products that are scientifically valid and evidence based.

  • Craig H Lipset, MPH

    Co-Chair, Decentralized Trials & Research Alliance

    Craig Lipset leads at the forefront of innovation in clinical research and medicine development. Craig was the Head of Clinical Innovation and Venture Partner at Pfizer, on the founding Operations Committee for TransCelerate Biopharma, and on the founding management teams for two successful startup ventures (Perceptive Informatics and Adnexus Therapeutics). During that time, Craig designed and launched multiple industry firsts -- from the first fully remote/virtual clinical trial for a new medicine to the first returning of results and data to research participants.

  • Melinda Decker, MS MBA

    Digital Health Advisor

    Melinda Decker is a passionate leader with a rare mix of both commercial and R&D expertise, developed over nearly 20 years in the pharmaceutical-biotech industry. She has broad therapeutic experience with biologic, small molecule and digital health products, across both specialty and primary care, and with both global and local markets. She currently is the Oncology TA Head for Intelligent Pharmaceuticals, AstraZeneca’s digital therapeutics team, focused on improving patient outcomes through digital health.