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Saintpaulia, or African violets, are a genus of plants that are prized for their vibrant blooms and attractive foliage. Native to the Eastern Arc Mountains of Tanzania and Kenya, these tropical plants can be found growing at altitude and in the shade of other plants. African violets make wonderful indoor plants, as they thrive in shady conditions and require very little maintenance. With their cheerful blooms and lush foliage, Saintpaulia add a touch of color to any home or office.

African violet remove toxins from the air and love to soak up humidity, making them perfect for homes with dry air or asthma sufferers. Be sure to keep water from touching their leaves or it will leave brown spots, and regularly check the soil and plant to make sure there is no accumulation of dead leaves - this will encourage rot. African Violet come in a variety of colors from pink, purple, red, and orange.

* You will receive ONE (1) 4" plant in nursery pot, unless stated otherwise. 

African Violet Care


Water every 3 - 5 days when top 2" of soil is dry.


Medium indirect sunlight or under grow lights.


65°F - 75°F

Soil Mix

Peat Moss, Perlite, Orchid Bark & Gardening Soil


Keep humidity high at 65 - 75%


Every 4 weeks in summer and every 12 weeks in winter


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The plant arrived safely and well packaged. Unfortunately, the color I ordered is not the color I received. I’m a little disappointed because I wanted the purple violet but received more of a lilac.

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