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Building the world’s largest natural and sustainable marketplace

Love.com is far more than a marketplace—it's the heartbeat of a transformative movement. Championing premium, sustainable ingredients, empowering small enterprises, and forwarding meaningful contributions to nonprofits.

Over 10,000 products that meet our Love Standards

Love.com evaluates three core pillars when making a decision on whether or not to list a product on our marketplace: clean ingredients, sustainable materials, and giving back. Conscious commerce is an evolution and we do not expect every product to be perfect in every pillar. That said, we hold high standards and expect each product to thrive in at least one, if not multiple, of these pillars. In addition, there are many other factors we take into account which contribute to the decision on whether or not a product meets the Love Standards. From company workplace practices to community impact, we take a holistic view on whether a product truly represents Love. Read more

Unique items from small businesses that you can't find anywhere else

We dream of a world where every purchase is a commitment to sustainability; where living organically and embracing eco-consciousness extend beyond mere labels that became ingrained in our essence. Love.com stands at the forefront of this revolution, unwavering in our dedication to pristine ingredients, steadfast sustainability, uplifting small businesses, and nurturing our communities.

20% to the Love Foundation

Love.com contributes 20% of profits on each order to the local communities we benefit from. Our foundation picks other nonprofits carefully that meet our Love Standards of excellence and impact.

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