Snap Dragon Apple Origin

The Snap Dragon apple is a popular variety known for its unique taste and crisp texture. In this blog post, we will explore the origin of the Snap Dragon apple and its journey to becoming a beloved fruit.

History of the Snap Dragon Apple

The Snap Dragon apple was first discovered in the early 2000s by apple breeder David Bedford at the University of Minnesota. Bedford was known for his work in developing new apple varieties with improved flavor and texture.

After years of crossbreeding and careful selection, Bedford successfully created the Snap Dragon apple by crossing the Honeycrisp and the Zestar apple varieties. The goal was to combine the sweetness of the Honeycrisp with the crispness of the Zestar.

Characteristics of the Snap Dragon Apple

The Snap Dragon apple is known for its large size and vibrant red color. It has a firm and crunchy texture, making it a favorite among apple enthusiasts. The flavor profile of the Snap Dragon apple is a perfect balance of sweetness and tartness, with hints of honey and citrus.

One of the unique features of the Snap Dragon apple is its resistance to browning. When cut or sliced, the flesh of the apple remains fresh and crisp for a longer period compared to other apple varieties.

Cultivation of the Snap Dragon Apple

The Snap Dragon apple is primarily grown in the United States, with orchards located in Minnesota, New York, and Washington. The apple tree requires a cold climate to thrive, making it suitable for regions with harsh winters.

Growers carefully cultivate the Snap Dragon apple, ensuring proper pruning and pest control to maintain the health of the trees. The apples are typically harvested in the late summer or early fall, depending on the specific region.

Uses of the Snap Dragon Apple

The Snap Dragon apple is a versatile fruit that can be enjoyed in various ways. Its crisp texture makes it perfect for eating fresh, and its sweet-tart flavor adds a delightful twist to salads and desserts.

Many people also use the Snap Dragon apple for juicing and cider making. Its unique flavor profile adds complexity to the final product, making it a popular choice among cider enthusiasts.


The Snap Dragon apple is a remarkable fruit with a fascinating origin story. Its exceptional taste, texture, and resistance to browning have made it a favorite among apple lovers. Whether enjoyed fresh, in salads, or in cider, the Snap Dragon apple continues to captivate taste buds around the world.

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