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GeoPot Fabric Pot - Tan

GeoPot Fabric Pot - Tan by Geopot

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Best-in-Class Fabric Pots

Designed with function and durability at the forefront, Tan Geopot Fabric Pots combine excellent breathability for heat regulation, high drainage, and sturdy construction to deliver a long lasting, dependable fabric pot product. The geotextile fabric is made from BPA free plastics, and the marine-grade thread performs season after season - in even the harshest salt and moisture laden conditions. Tan Geopot Fabric Pots boast some of the thickest fabric material on the market, and are easily reusable and washable at the end of a season. Available with handles, and in Velcro Transplanter variations, Tan Geopot Fabric Pots can be utilized for every stage of plant life. Tan Geopot Fabric Pots are available in sizes up to 400 Gallons.

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