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Hand-Embroidered Ornament

Hand-Embroidered Ornament by POKOLOKO

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Made by women in vulnerable situations within depressed communities, these ornaments offer a sustainable source of income for the women artisans who make them. 

These ornaments are made by female victims of domestic & sexual violence organized together as a group of artisans by three peruvian female entrepreneurs. These makers carefully cut a synthetic felt base into shape, and then hand-embroider each ornament’s design with an alpaca blended yarn. Their artisanal work gives each of these women sustainable income sources for themselves and their families.

While many are great for festive hangings and trees, some are timeless and can be hung from plants, windows, car mirrors and more. A great addition to gift wrapping as a gift tag as well. They’re sure to bring a bit of joy and hope into your space.

Materials 100% felt based. Embroidered with 20% alpaca 80% synthetic yarn
Variations Alpaca Friend - White, Angle Wings, Billy Goat, Black Eternal Heart, Cheetah, Donkey, Embroidered Mitten, Festive Alpaca, Festive Cactus, Floral Heart, Gingerbread Human, Gnome, Green Alpaca, Green Gnome, Heart, House Plant, Llama Star, Moose, Pink Alpaca Friend, Red Gnome, Red Star, Rockie Raccoon, Sister, Smokey Bear, Turtle, Whale
Origin Peru

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