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HindSight cycling glasses allow you to stay informed while keeping your eyes on the road.

Our cycling glasses offer unparalleled rear-view vision and ensure you don't have to look over your shoulder to see approaching traffic from behind. You can keep an optimal riding position and navigate the busy roads with confidence.

Available in three styles: Black, Clear and Tortoiseshell 

Coloured lens options: Black, Red and Blue

The Lens

  • Improved rear-view lens technology for enhanced rear vision and ease of use
  • Ideal transparency levels to ensure no impingement of forward vision or blind spot creation
  • True-Mirror, meaning objects are exactly as far as they look
  • Range of coloured lenses available 
  • Increase your field of vision while keeping your eyes on the road

The Glasses

  • Stunning new form factors with all the benefits of HindSight lens technology 
  • More ergonomic and comfortable design for longer rides 
  • Remodelled hinge mechanism to fit all heads
  • Made out of premium acetate our glasses are lightweight, hypoallergenic and higher quality than plastic frames
  • Hand inspected to ensure clarity of rear vision

Eyewear for those everyday journeys.

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