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Lilac - Just Bee Candles

Lilac - Just Bee Candles

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Lilac, a timeless and enchanting fragrance that captures the essence of springtime and enduring elegance. This delicate, romantic scent that evokes nostalgia and sophistication.

  • Classic blooming lilac takes center stage, filling your space with its richly floral and enchanting aroma.
  • Hints of romantic rose and warm vanilla gracefully complement the lilac, adding depth and sweetness to the scent.
  • The nuances of honey and a jasmine-like green freshness bring a touch of nectarous delight, further enhancing this captivating fragrance.

Light up our best-selling Lilac candle year after year and transform your home into a garden paradise, where memories bloom and enchantment lingers.

Ingredients: Natural Cotton Wick, Natural Soy Wax, Organic Coconut Oil, Naturally Gathered Beeswax, Fragrance, Essential Oils

13oz | Up to 70 HRS of Clean Burning
7oz | Up to 40 HRS of Clean Burning
3.5oz | Up to 20 HRS of Clean Burning

This item only ships within the United States.

Brand: Just Bee Cosmetics

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