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Our customers told us they love HindSight technology so much that they want to use them 24/7, including at night.

Introducing HindSight's Night Lenses - the ultimate solution for cyclists who want to ride safely and confidently at night. These replacement lenses are specially designed to be used with your existing glasses, providing optimal visibility of your surroundings at night.

HindSight's Night Lenses are optimized to detect headlights in low-light conditions, ensuring you can benefit from HindSight technology all day. With their advanced technology, these lenses show headlights without blinding you or other road users.

Whether you're a professional cyclist or a casual rider, HindSight's Night Lenses are an essential addition to your gear. Stay safe and ride with confidence, day or night, with HindSight*.

*While Night lenses may work in some bright day or other low-light conditions, HindSight night lenses are specifically designed around viewing vehicle headlights at night. HindSight does not advocate, recommend or take responsibility for their use in lower light conditions that do not involve seeing headlights.

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