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Zolli Gummeez 4 Flavor Bundle

Zolli Gummeez 4 Flavor Bundle

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Delicious Zolli® Gummeez Fun candy for All!

Bursting with natural fruit flavors. Zero sugar, vegan, allergy-friendly, gluten-free, Keto, diabetic-friendly. Zolli Gummeez will keep everyone smiling! Anywhere, anytime!

Zolli Gummeez are candies everyone can enjoy!

Fruity, juicy, chewy gummy bears - without any sugar!

Natural Fruit Flavors Include: Watermelon, Strawberry, Pineapple and Peach

Live your best life, enjoy a sweet treat and reduce sugar from your diet. Why settle for candy packed with sugar, or that leaves 17% of the sugar in and causes bloating? Enjoy Zolli Gummeez with Zero sugar and Keep Smiling!

Zero Worries, Zolli Candy for All!

Indulge in the pleasure of guilt-free snacking with Zolli Gummeez™ – your ultimate Zero-Compromise treat! Embrace a world of flavor without any concerns:

Zero Sugar: All Flavor

Zero Animal Products: Vegan and Gelatin Free

Zero Carb, All Keto

Zero Stress for Diabetics

Zero Gluten, All Freedom

Zero GMO Worries

Zero Artificial Dyes or Flavors

Zero Allergen Anxieties: Free from major allergens, including dairy, eggs, tree nuts, peanuts, wheat, soybeans, milk, fish, and shellfish.

Zolli Gummeez™ - Where every "zero" is a promise of a snack that doesn't compromise, making it the candy for anywhere, anytime, and anyone.

INGREDIENTS: Isomalt, Maltitol, Brightening Agent (Vegetable Oil and Carnauba Wax), Pectin, Citric Acid, Erythritol, Sodium Citrate, Natural Flavor, Vegetable Juice Color.

This product is filled by weight, not by piece count. Piece count may vary.

Packaging images may vary.

* Excess consumption can have a laxative effect. Please keep in mind, excess consumption of fruits and chocolate can also have a laxative effect.

This item only ships within the United States.

Brand: Zollicandy

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