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4 Step Clear Skin Routine

4 Step Clear Skin Routine

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When you struggle with troublesome skin, sometimes it can seem like there’s nothing on the planet that will give you the clean, clear complexion you deserve. You may have even loaded your skin up with chemicals that sting, exfoliators that peel off layers, and moisturizers that leave your face looking shiny rather than balanced. But fear not, there's hope for your skin yet! Embracing a gentle and consistent skin care routine can be the key to achieving a radiant, healthy complexion day after day.

Start your routine off with our Oil Facial Cleanser For Oily Skin. While adding oil to an already oily complexion may seem counterproductive, remember that your skin naturally produces oil to help protect and hydrate it. Though an overabundance of oil can cause issues, a lack of oil can cause just as much stress, which is why the goal here is to balance oil production. Using an Oil Cleanser as your first step will easily loosen makeup (even waterproof kinds!) as well as other grime and buildup brought on throughout the day. It does this without stripping your skin of its beneficial oils or aggravating already irritated areas. Next, soak a cotton round with Tea Tree Hydrosol, a gentle botanical water with skin-clearing benefits, and swipe it over your entire face. The cotton round will pick up the impurities loosened by the Oil Cleanser, leaving you with a clean, fresh face, while the properties of the hydrosol will help soothe redness and irritation. Follow up with our Tea Tree with Niacinamide Facial Serum, which boosts skin’s clarity with ingredients that help tackle bacteria, minimize the look of large pores, and evens the appearance of skin tone. Finish this routine with our Clear Complex Facial Oil, a blend of premium carrier oils packed with antioxidants that help to maintain your skin’s natural integrity. A thin layer is all you need to keep skin hydrated while reducing redness and helping to prevent future breakouts. When used consistently, this routine supports your skin’s natural defenses against blemishes and promotes a healthy and balanced complexion.

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Brand: Plant Therapy
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