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Internationally renowned crystal expert Judy Hall shares all her formidable insights on how these stunning sparkling stones can help transform our lives. From ancient times to the present day, crystals have been with us every step of the way and this book celebrates every shine, sparkle, and ripple of radiant vibration across an enormous number of crystals. Whether you want to skim your favorite stones or do a deep dive on all the rare and radiant crystals out there, this complete guide to the 101 Power Crystals is here to guide you.

“With this book, I welcome intuition and information to strengthen my crystal connections”

Sparkling luminous and colorful, the natural world is a treasure chest brimming with beautiful gemstones and sacred soul jewels. In this fully comprehensive guide, Judy Hall covers a wide spectrum of stones that cover an expansive wealth of uses. Whether you are looking for love, health, protection, abundance, spiritual healing, chakra balancing, or crystals that are powerful enough to put you in touch with higher realms, this must-have book has all the answers and more.

Stashed within the pages you will find individual profiles on 101 crystals – from stones you know like Amethyst and Citrine to the lesser-known gems like Trigonic Quartz and Preseli, Aurora Quartz and Que Sera. Not only will you get the inside scoop on the sensitivity of each stone but you also get the lowdown on the lore, the transformational properties, and the best ways to use this stone as a source of power.

Beyond individual profiles, Judy Hall also helps you to get closer to understanding higher vibrations in your crystal work. From chakra maps to glossaries and intimate knowledge on which stones come soaked in higher vibrations and which have earthier connections, you will find a wealth of information and stunning photographs to help you on your wellness journey.

  • Paperback: 224 pages
  • Author: Judy Hall

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