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Eliana - 1000ML Rubber Hot Water Bottle

Eliana - 1000ML Rubber Hot Water Bottle by Plushy Planet

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1000ML Rubber Hot Water Bottle - Your Reliable Source of Warmth

Experience soothing comfort and warmth with the 1000ML Rubber Hot Water Bottle. Made from high-quality rubber, this hot water bottle is designed to provide you with long-lasting heat and relief during chilly nights or when feeling unwell. Its large 1000ML capacity ensures an ample supply of warm water for sustained comfort. This hot water bottle is ideal for relieving pain, soothing sore muscles, and providing comfort during cold weather.

Key Features:

  • High-quality rubber material for durability and heat retention
  • 1000ML capacity for an extended period of warmth
  • Relieves pain and soothes sore muscles
  • Perfect for keeping warm during cold weather

Stay cozy and comfortable with the 1000ML Rubber Hot Water Bottle - your dependable companion for warmth and relief.

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