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Extractions are premium coffee concentrates that provide specialty coffee in an infallible, shelf-stable, ready-to-use liquid form, creating a new intersection of convenience and quality in the specialty coffee industry. Extractions is the first specialty grade premium coffee extract that shows true flavor profiles and showcases the terroir of different producers and farms from around the globe.

Don't settle for just one of these delicious Extractions. Purchase this set and get both the Southern Weather Extractions and Monarch Extractions to experience the best of both. This set includes one bottle of each. Follow the links above for more information on each specific Extractions offering.

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Customer Reviews

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Should I be scared haha

I have been searching all over for info on this product due to the packaging. I opened the box to find two oddly sealed bottles. Ok so the little plastic wrap around the bottle cap was loose for both bottles. One was very loose like it had maybe not been sealed at all the other is a little loose to where I can spin the cap around without having to peel the plastic off! Basically the bottles are not air tight. Ok and for some reason I did not stop to think that I probably should not drink some of this stuff. Haha.. anyway. Other than the probably unsafe packaging, it tasted pretty good. Hopefully I won't spend my work shift with my head in the toilet.

I added a pick of one bottle cap the other bottle was even more loose.

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