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Guatemala - Slow Jam

Guatemala - Slow Jam

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Our limited release Slow Jam is a light roasted, smooth-bodied coffee with flavor notes of tart strawberry jam up front, complemented by hibiscus and pomegranate, and finished with a tropical fruit acidity. It's a delightfully tasty coffee experience you won't want to miss!

To bring you this special coffee, the owner/operators of Finca San Jerónimo Miramar (FSJM) dedicated over three whole harvest seasons to develop Slow Jam, taking an experimental approach to processing. What makes their process truly unique is that it combines the best elements of both traditional washed and pulped natural coffee methods. They start by sorting and selecting only the finest cherries, just as they always have. But here's where it gets interesting: instead of the usual depulping process that happens in washed and pulped natural processes, they send the cherries straight into fermentation tanks. This is where the magic happens. The cherries undergo fermentation until their mucilage becomes wonderfully jammy, infusing the green coffee beans with distinctive fruity notes. To maintain this quality, FSJM developed and employed a proprietary Slow Jam depulper that gently removes the cherry skin without water. The result? Coffee beautifully harmonizing the precision of washed coffee with the fruity sweetness of pulped natural coffee.

For the perfect cup, we suggesting brewing with the Kalita Wave 185 pour-over set to bring out the best of this coffee's flavor notes.

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Brand: Nossa Familia Coffee
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