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Liquid Selenium Supplement, 2 fl. oz

Liquid Selenium Supplement, 2 fl. oz

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Liquid Selenium Supplement's Role in the Body

Selenium is an essential trace mineral and antioxidant that plays a critical role in thyroid function. Low levels of selenium have been associated with thyroid disorders. Both selenium and iodine are the two most important things your thyroid needs to function properly since when you are in a state of selenium deficiency, the thyroid cannot manage its iodine status. 

Research has indicated that thyroid disorders may come from a Glutathione deficiency. Liquid selenium also functions to support healthy glutathione levels.

Why is it better to take selenium in a liquid drop form?

When taken in liquid form, the body is able to absorb it better, faster, and at higher amounts than a capsule or pill. Liquid selenium in addition is easier to take than a standard pill that can be difficult to swallow and is better for individuals who have difficulty absorbing nutrients.

Selenium is #8 in the BodyBio Liquid Mineral Set. 

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