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Nasal Congestion Relief, Stuffy Nose, Allergy Room & Pillow Spray, Go Away Cold

Nasal Congestion Relief, Stuffy Nose, Allergy Room & Pillow Spray, Go Away Cold by WholeNest

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An all-natural, must-have sleep mist 

This powerful pillow and room spray is your go-to solution for nasal congestion, to open up the airways and fight off colds. It is your best ally for allergy relief and immune-boosting, making it a staple in every household. Plus, it is safe for kids, pregnancy, and postpartum. Say goodbye to sniffles and hello to relief with "Go Away Cold”.

  • Breathe Freely: Experience the liberating sensation of clear airways with our powerful pillow and room spray. No more struggling with nasal congestion – just pure, refreshing breaths.
  • Allergy Relief: "Go Away Cold" isn't just for colds; it's your ally against allergens, providing you with the relief you need to enjoy every season. Let the soothing blend of natural ingredients create a protective barrier, keeping allergens at bay so you can enjoy life without the constant irritation.
  • Immune-Boosting Power: Boost your body's defenses naturally! Our specially crafted formula not only fights off colds but also works as an immune-boosting powerhouse. 
  • Family-Friendly Formula: Worried about the little ones? "Go Away Cold" is safe for kids, making it the perfect companion for families. From playful toddlers to school-age children, this gentle yet effective spray provides relief without compromising their well-being.
  • Safe for Pregnancy and Postpartum: Our spray is safe for use during pregnancy and postpartum, ensuring that every member of the household can benefit from its soothing properties.


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