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Organic Gluten-Free Flour Blend by Dr. Cowan's Garden

Organic Gluten-Free Flour Blend by Dr. Cowan's Garden

Brand: Dr. Cowan's Garden
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Brand: Dr. Cowan's Garden

Dr. Cowan’s Garden’s Organic Gluten Free Flour Blend employs three top-performing and flavorful grains. Finely milled Carolina Gold Rice Flour (45 percent), 18th Century Style Rustic Toasted Oat Flour (45 percent), and New Crop Heirloom Bennecake Flour (10 percent) create a blend that offers blister-crisping, spice, moisture-rich properties, and oil-rich flavor to batters, pan breads, flatbreads, and skillet breads alike. There are no artificial ingredients of any kind in this blend.

Sesame Allergen Alert: Bennecake flour is a colonial-era version of sesame, brought from Africa by slaves, who used Bennecake as a kitchen staple in breads, biscuits, and pones. Bennecake has much less oil than modern sesame; the benne is simmered to draw out the oil, than pressed and dried, and finally, milled into a medium-fine powder to be added to our gluten free flour blend. The addition of bennecake flour adds a subtle but stunning flavor enhancement to stews, soups, pastries, cookies, breads, and biscuits.

Refrigerate Upon Receipt. Unopened packages stored at room temperature remain fresh for 2-3 weeks.

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