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Shroom #4 Lion's Mane Mushroom Extract Case of 12

Shroom #4 Lion's Mane Mushroom Extract Case of 12 by Wild Foods

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Powerful Nutrition: Raw superfood mushroom extracts may help in protecting against DNA oxidation while promoting overall well-being and mood. Use when looking for a boost to your health, increased concentration, reduced anxiety, and increase in overall feelings of happiness.

  • Quality processing: Non-GMO, 100% Natural, Hand-harvested on Hardwood, No grain or filler, Fruiting Bodies only, 10:1 concentration triple hot water-extracted

  • SMALL FARMERS: Our mushrooms are grown by Chinese farmers that have been growing mushrooms in green countryside mountainous regions for generations. Mushrooms are grown in greenhouses with controlled light, water, and air conditions to ensure optimal mushroom growth

Sip Wild Shrooms hot—like hot chocolate—or blend it with butter coffee brews and protein shakes or smoothies.

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