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Sugarcane Forks (Wholesale/Bulk) - 1000 count

Sugarcane Forks (Wholesale/Bulk) - 1000 count by EQUO

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Picnic and outdoor meals usually generate a whole lot of plastic waste, but it doesn’t have to be that way!

Our sugarcane forks are durable and resistant to hot foods and moisture, sturdy and easy to use without ever getting soggy. These biodegradable utensils are made using sugarcane fiber and contain absolutely no plastic or harmful chemicals, so they aren’t just great for the planet, they’re better for you too.

  • Contains no toxic chemicals or plastics
  • Reusable multiple times on the same day
  • Perfect for adults and children too
  • Biodegradable and compostable

NATURAL UTENSILS: These eco-friendly forks, knives, and spoons are made with residual sugarcane fiber (bagasse) from the sugarcane plant after it has been squeezed of its juice. They are tasteless, so you can enjoy biodegradable forks and utensils without changing the flavor of your food.

BIODEGRADABLE & COMPOSTABLE CUTLERY: These are compost-friendly, biodegradable utensils. Toss them in your garden or compost bin after use! Unlike plastic, they won’t stick around on the Earth for 500 years. Our compostable forks, spoons, and knives are wonderful alternatives to plastic because they are safe for the earth. Also, unlike plastic cutlery, our eco-friendly utensils contain absolutely no toxic chemicals, harmful colorants and dyes.

LONG-LASTING: Our biodegradable cutlery is made by a high-heat and pressure process, giving it a premium finish. These utensils can handle hot, cold, or oily foods, so you can use them with all your favorite meals. They are grease-resistant and soak-proof, making them perfectly sustainable for quick food from restaurants, concessions, caterers, hospitality, and more.

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