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Brand: eatsoco

This SoCo Power Couple bundle gives you and your tastebuds the chance to experience both of our old-school favorites. Inside you’ll find: 2 x Artisanal Tahini Jars 2 x Tahini & Dates Squeeze Packs.

Naturally rich in calcium, iron and protein. Our unique slow-roasting process locks in those key nutrients and makes all our tahini *extra* creamy.


Good for all times, use with pretty much everything! We recommend Tahini & Dates as a deliciously healthy alternative to PB&J and perfect topping for oatmeal & pancakes.

Simply add water & lemon juice, pickle juice, kimchi juice or salsa to the Artisanal Tahini and you'll have a deliciously satisfying dip in no time (perfect for unexpected guests, TV snacking, last-minute picnics or just because it’s SO good).

Find lots of delicious recipes and tahini inspiration on our recipe page.

Artisanal Tahini: 100 % Sesame Seeds

Tahini & Dates: Sesame seeds, pure medjool date syrup


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