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SUSTAINABILITY MATTERS: The Holy City Straw Company's two straw/organic jute pouch travel combo is our newest addition to our retail / consumer collection. Sustainability trends in the retail and consumer sector are front and center. In fact, according to many studies, consumers are willing to pay more for sustainable products and will pay more attention to the environmental & end of life cycle impact of products in their shopping behavior. The throw-away culture of single-use plastic products that harm the environment is over; now, it’s all about eco-conscious alternatives. Choose products that have a true purpose and ones that will showcase your commitment to sustainability. Bid farewell to single-use plastic garbage and get ahead of the curve by choosing our Holy City branded straw/pouch combo. These are a perfect add-on for any eco-retailer, online reseller, specialty grocer, boutique home goods store, book store, etc.

REUSABLE REED STEM STRAWS: Reed straws are made from sustainable and renewable reed plants and are known as the cousin to bamboo with similar strength and durability. Our reed straws are 100% hand cut and require no manufacturing. They are made without any harmful pesticides or chemicals. They are dishwasher friendly and can be reused over and over for many months. Our Reed straws are certified 100% USDA Biobased and certified compostable.

ORGANIC JUTE STORAGE POUCH: The pouch is made from 100% biodegradable jute fibers and it will protect the straws for continued re-use.

CASE INFORMATION: Each case comes with 25 of our two straw / jute pouch combos. They can be sold as individual units or combos.

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