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Teodoro's Italian Roast

Teodoro's Italian Roast

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Whole Bean or Ground:
Treat yourself and your taste buds to the best cup of coffee - every time - with Teodoro's Italian Roast! This unique, medium-dark roast blend is a perfect combination of earthy flavor notes of cocoa, roasted nuts, and caramely qualities with hints of woody spice and a subtle hint of almond. Whether you're a home barista or an avid coffee connoisseur, Teodoro's Italian Roast is sure to satisfy your cravings for a full-bodied and flavorful brew. Brew Teodoro's Italian Roast via drip or press pot for a robust and delicious cup of coffee. For a creamier cup, add a little cream and sugar and you'll be in caffeinated heaven! Experience the superior flavor of Teodoro's Italian Roast and enjoy the perfect blend of flavor notes, every time!

This item only ships within the United States.

Brand: Nossa Familia Coffee
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