Variety Pack - Peak State Coffee-3 x 12 oz bags by Peak State Coffee

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Brand: Peak State Coffee

  • Starting at $1 per cup
  • Variety Pack includes 3 x 12oz bags of coffee - 1x IMMUNITY BOOST, 1x BRAIN SUSTAIN, 1x STRESS LESS (66 cups of coffee)
  • Fairtrade, organic sustainably grown single-origin coffees (mold free & pesticide free).
  • IMMUNITY BOOST Medium Roast featuring immune support blend (chaga, reishi, lion's mane, turkey tail, and reishi, 100 mg of each per serving = 500mg total/cup)
  • BRAIN SUSTAIN Light Roast roasted & botanically infused with lion's mane for your brain and cordyceps for energy support (250 mg of each per serving = 500mg total/cup)
  • STRESS LESS Dark Roast featuring adaptogenic reishi & chaga (250mg of each per serving = 500mg total/cup)
  • Whole bean for freshness & taste
Certifications:  Organic

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