Wholenest Postpartum Essential Kit

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This wellness kit is the perfect gift for every mom navigating the postpartum stage. We also believe this bundle is essential for any household as the products are all multipurpose, safe, and as natural as they can get.

The included Wonder Spray is a revolutionary product that can be sprayed on the perineal area to help heal the stitches and alleviate pain, and also serve as face care, face mist, headache, and energy booster.

Honey Lavender Magic First Aid Ointment is perfect for soothing bruises, stitches, swelling, cuts, scars, burns, and perineal tear treatment.

Less Than A Day Hemorrhoids Relief will provide much-needed relief for pregnancy and postpartum hemorrhoids and anyone in need of this relief.

Finally, the Go Away Cold! Room and Pillow Spray is a must-have remedy for colds, seasonal allergies, and nasal congestion.

With this comprehensive kit, you will have everything you need to get through those first few weeks of postpartum and beyond!


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