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Wild Magnesium Spray From Dead Sea Salt - Case of Six

Wild Magnesium Spray From Dead Sea Salt - Case of Six by Wild Foods

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Topical spray for improving magnesium intake as well as soothing muscles and joints.

Magnesium is an essential mineral in over 300+ biochemical processes in your human body. When you are low in magnesium, your body is strained.

An easy-to-absorb magnesium spray is produced from nourishing Dead Sea salts and bioactive zinc to assist with healing and restoring mineral loss. You can ease soreness and tension by spraying it directly on muscles and joints.

A deep night's sleep and rapid tension relief are attainable by applying it before bed to calm the nervous system and reduce anxiety and tension.

Our 100% pure Dead Sea salt solution is enhanced with plant-based zinc for additional therapeutic benefits. Use to treat cramps, migraines, sore muscles, and general well-being and health.

  • Pure minerals in a topical spray
  • Apply directly to the desired area
  • 100% natural and fragrance-free

Ingredients: Maris sol (dead sea minerals), Magnesium sulfate USP (natural Epsom salt), ionic plant-derived zinc, ionic plant-derived magnesium

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